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The five ENIGMA partner cities have defined how innovative public lighting systems will help them to become vibrant and sustainable cities

The five municipal partners (Eindhoven, Malmo, Stavanger, Espoo and Bassano del Grappa) involved in ENIGMA have set themselves an ambitious goal: to become vibrant, sustainable cities with a public lighting system that helps them achieve this.

The ENIGMA project aims to develop a joint transnational pre-commercial procurement procedure (PCP) in the field of public lighting. The five partner cities will cooperate on procuring and testing innovation and technologies in a real life environment. 

Through this FP7-funded project, they will translate their societal ambitions into tender specifications that will allow them to procure lighting innovations that have not yet been developed.

The cities will focus on the objectives below. 

1. Becoming a vibrant city by:

  • improving the health and quality of life of their residents:

Espoo wants to create an inviting urban space for citizens of all ages to spend more time outside (walking, biking, staying) and feel comfortable and safe; a public illumination system that guides and adapts to their actions can do just that.

  • creating a good economic climate:

large parts of cities such as Eindhoven or Bassano are set to undergo an economic revival through the implementation of this public lighting system, which should entice customers and increase business owners’ security.

  • establishing strong social networks:

Malmo is planning to improve social cohesion by creating a pleasant outdoor environment around one of its schools with its lighting system. The aim is to encourage children, residents and parents to actively use this space, thus decreasing crime levels and fostering a community spirit.

2. Transforming themselves into sustainable municipalities, via:

  • their social wealth:

Espoo aims to provide connected green areas throughout the city, where citizens can enjoy the restorative quality of nature. Benefiting from and navigating through these green spaces could be made easier by an intelligent illumination system.

  • Environmental considerations:

Stavanger would like to find a balance between preserved natural spots with the ability to enjoy and learn about nature. The city is planning to do just that by integrating various informative functions into public lighting.

  • A sustainable economy:

as issues related to carbon emissions and shrinking public budgets have become more important to public authorities across Europe, cities such as Eindhoven expect their public lighting system to be as green as possible, while reducing operational costs. Using recycled materials, cutting edge technology and low-maintenance open source systems can turn your local light plan green and affordable.

For more information on the partner cities’ ambitions and expectations from the ENIGMA PCP, have a look at the Desired impact report.