GDC cities in URBACT catalogue of good practices

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Among all 97 good practices published by URBACT on sustainable urban development, three GDC signatory cities stand out for their investment in digital to impulse participatory change in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

One of the aspect made by cities which signed the Green Digital Charter is about social inclusion. The revised version of the Charter indeed includes the commitment to "ensure that citizens have equal access to the benefits of the digital society and that ICT-enabled initiatives are coupled with work to promote social cohesion, given that large segments of society are still excluded in many cities".

Among the 97 good practices selected by URBACT (, three signatory cities of the Charter particularly stand out for their investment in digital to foster participatory urban regeneration and a more inclusive city.

  • The Bristol Approach to Citizen Sensing presents itself as a new co-creation approach designed to tackle social exclusion, poverty and environmental problems by empowering disadvantaged communities with opportunities to develop new knowledgen digital skills, open source tools and innovative strategies ;
  • In Bari, a former disused school has been transformed into a Creative Hub (called Spazio 13) where digital communication technologies play their part in regenerating the city's suburb;
  • Murcia tries to grant free Internet access to its citizens (in classrooms, information-points and via municipal Wi-Fi). Technological innovation is also a pillar of the participative urban regeneration process of the district 'el Barrio del Espiriti Santo'.