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First pedal strokes towards an EU Cycling Strategy

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For the first time in European history, the European Commission has received a proposal for a European strategy on cycling. This strategy will support citizens to achieve a better quality of life and have a positive impact on urban mobility.

On 16 June, Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc received from ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation) the first ever proposal for a European Cycling Strategy. EUROCITIES has officially endorsed this proposal and around 1,000 experts participated in drafting it. If adopted, the strategy will increase the usage of bicycles by 50% in urban areas.

The strategy contains recommendations directed at all levels of governance and addresses behaviour change, infrastructure, vehicle regulation, multimodality and intelligent transport systems. It focuses on how cycling can deliver jobs and growth through a financial and fiscal level playing field and a robust European bicycle industry. The objective is to put cycling on an equal status with other modes of transport in terms of policies and investment while showcasing the clear added value of the European level in the process.

Which are the main proposals?

  • Double EU investments from cycling projects (from €1.5 million to €3 million) during the period 2014-2020
  • Safer cycling: thanks to new technological tools as the Intelligent Speed Assistance make motorised vehicles safer for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Allow member states to introduce reduced VAT for bicycles purchase

On 2 March, EUROCITIES released a statement endorsing the EU cycling strategy to implement new infrastructure, road safety and training measures for cycling, and the possibility to introduce cycling in sustainable urban mobility plans. 

ECF published a press release, available here

EUROCITIES staff contact

Juan Caballero