Final ImpleMentoring conference held in Brussels


We hosted the final conference of our ImpleMentoring project on migrant integration in Brussels on 18 June.

The final conference of our ImpleMentoring project on city-to-city support for migrant integration was an opportunity to present the project's findings and to assess the methodology, used for the first time in a transnational project led by EUROCITIES. The event attracted over a 100 representatives from NGOs,  local and regional authorities, and the EU institutions. 

Anna Lisa Boni, our new secretary general, welcomed delegates, and stressed the importance of city-to-city support in this field. Keynote speaker Sarah Turine,  vice mayor for social cohesion of the Brussels district of Molenbeek, gave an insight into the history and challenges of one of Brussels' most diverse neighbourhoods, from the prespective of social cohesion and political participation.

Each thematic session at the conference mirrored the four pillars of the ImpleMentoring project (enhancing public perception of migration and diversity; reflecting and managing diversity in public administration and service provision; activating and enhancing participation in diverse neighbourhoods; and promoting political participation of migrants through local consultatives bodies). During the sessions, city partners and facilitators presented the new Integrating Cities toolkits and spoke about their experiences within the project and the impact it has had on their cities.

The conference ended with an exhibition of ImpleMentoring infographics.

The four Integrating Cities toolkits,  the methodology and its supporting documents as well as the infographics will be available on the project's website ( shortly. 

The ImpleMentoring project was funded by DG HOME under the European Integration Fund.