Exploring smart lighting in Eindhoven

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Representatives from four European cities met peers at Eindhoven city council to discuss strategies for deploying smart lighting.

The visit, on 12-14 November, was made possible by the ENIGMA project on pre-commercial procurement. It allowed the cities to learn about the smart city infrastructure that Eindhoven has installed in their Strijp-S district, and their even more ambitious plans to put several entire sites out to tender for innovative and integrated lighting systems. One of these lots will host the radical innovations purchased through the ENIGMA pre-commercial procurement procedure. The other 10 sites are currently being tendered out through a negotiated procurement procedure.

Sharing their own ambitious plans, the visiting cities highlighted good practices on energy efficient and interactive public lighting procurement. London presented its plans to kick start economic and cultural development along the Thames banks by creating the largest succession of design-lit bridges in the world. Belfast spoke about the rebranding strategy behind its landmark city hall’s new interactive and energy efficient lighting system. Antwerp, which is in the process of completely refurbishing its public lighting system, focused on the economic perspective of procuring smart infrastructure.

Find out more about ENIGMA at: www.enigma-project.eu and read the study visit report here

Photo © gloweindhoven.nl, artist: Tilt