Exploring design for public services


Our working group on smart social inclusion met during the SPIDER (Supporting Public service Innovation using Design in European Regions) project conference in Cardiff on 28-29 January.

Participants discussed how to design services using an innovative method that takes into account users’ and other stakeholders’ needs. The SPIDER project aims to promote the use of service design to foster more eff ective public services. It is run by the National Centre for Product Design & Development Research in Cardiff .
The SPIDER conference explored opportunities to use service design to develop more effective and user-oriented public services. The SPIDER project team is using this methodology to conduct pilot projects on youth employment and on supporting people with dementia. Our working group concluded that service design should be explored further, as it is an innovative process with the potential to deliver significant cost and efficiency savings for public services.
The members also discussed continuing their work on social entrepreneurship. In particular, the working group committed to organising a series of study visits, following their fi rst visit to Porto’s social entrepreneurship incubator in September 2014. The working group also discussed innovative ways of financing public services and will continue to work on Social Impact Bonds.