European Municipalities for Social Entrepreneurship


The Copenhagen Business School (CBS) would like to start a dialogue about the role municipalities can and should play in promoting social entrepreneurship. Their research suggests that municipalities, communes and cities are one of the key actors in enabling and supporting social entrepreneurship at a local level. They help social entrepreneurs to raise awareness about social issues, to acquire resources, and to implement joint programmes. 

In order to research this issue in more depth, they are now aiming to identify interested contacts in municipalities across Europe who would be willing to share their experiences in social entrepreneurship as well as the perceived road blocks. The result of this project will be a brief report highlighting best practices and sharing knowledge about effective ways through which municipalities can leverage social entrepreneurship in their local environments.

CBS is also organising a MOOC on social entrepreneurship, available here:

If you are interested to join the project please indicate so via the following brief online form:


For more information, please check the document hereunder: 

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EUROCITIES staff contact

Gabriel Jacqmin