European Energy Efficiency Fund to re-open technical assistance programme

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The deadline to apply for technical assistance is 23 December 2016.

Following on from the European Commission's technical assistance facility, managed by the European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEEF), the fund has now set up a new assistance tool to support ambitious public beneficiaries with bankable sustainable energy investment programmes. 

These projects should relate to the energy efficiency sector, small-scale renewable energy and/or public transport initiatives. The technical assistance facility aims to bridge the gap between sustainable energy plans and real investments, by supporting all activities necessary to prepare investments into sustainable energy projects. 

Further information:

  • Eligible applicants: regions, city councils, universities, public hospitals and other public entities located in EU member states

  • Sectors covered: energy efficiency, small-scale renewable energy and/or public urban transport

  • Activities supported: feasibility studies, energy audits, evaluation of the economic viability of the investments and legal support

  • Support format: EEEF is supporting beneficiaries by way of allocating consultant services to the planned investment programmes (for example for feasibility studies, energy audits and evaluating the economic viability of investments). It also covers direct staff costs of the TA beneficiaries and external legal service costs required. Should the investment programme not to be financed by EEEF, the reimbursement of services previously paid by EEEF is mandatory.

  • Project investment volume: €5m-€25m

  • Leverage factor for technical assistance: >20

  • Submission deadline: date for submission of the application is Friday 23 December 2016, 17:00 (CET)

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