European Commission recognises local authorities' role in fighting long term unemployment


A proposal for a Council recommendation by the European Commission shows recognition of the role of local authorities in helping people who are long term unemployed return to work.

Unemployment, and in particular long term unemployment amongst young people and people over 50, has become an increasingly urgent issue for city administrations. 

The EUROCITIES declaration on work, launched on 26 February, identifies this as a serious challenge within our cities.

The Commission’s proposal contains some important elements that we have been emphasising over the past few months:

  • Offering support to long term unemployed people based on individual assessments and local labour market needs.

  • A single point of contact to be established to ensure the consistency of the support offered by different agencies, such as public employment services (PES), social services and local authorities.

  • Integrated service provision is crucial, as often responsibilities for long term unemployed people are often divided between public employment services, social welfare agencies and local governments.

  • The important role local authorities play, and the need to build partnerships with welfare services and employment agencies.

  • Local authorities can now act as coordinating organisations for this process if selected by member states.

European cities are committed to helping long term unemployed people return to work. Member states need to involve cities in more effective partnerships. We continue to advocate for greater recognition of cities’ role in this field.

Please see our statement on long term unemployment at the link provided for more information.