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Empower Europe - European Social Progress Cities Summit

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Contribute to the recognition of cities' leading role in the development of a social Europe: sign the memorandum below!

Cities are at the forefront of the battle for a fairer, healthier, more equitable, socially progressive and balanced society which acknowledges diversity. Everyday, they contribute to addressing the needs of different froups: young, old, women, men, people with different orginis, abilities or lifestyles. To reinforce the acknoldgement of cities' contribution to social Europe, the first European Social Progress Cities Summit will gather key European stakeholders in Umea. More than 10 cities leading social progress in their respective member states will have the opportunity to discuss with representatives from the European Commission and the Swedish government. The event will consist of inspiring key-note speeches and good practices confronting local perspective with economic and statistical analyses. 

The European Social Progress Cities Summit will also launch a memorandum acknowledging cities contributions to a more Social Europe. Beyond underlining cities action as laboratories for social innovation and accelerators of opportunities, the document also calls for a European Capital of Social Progress Award to ensure better visbility and generate positive impact. 

EUROCITIES members are invited to contribute to this opportunity by signing the memorandum attached below

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