Employment working group tackles youth unemployment and undeclared work


Our working group employment met in Malmo on 21-22 April to exchange views on how best to tackle undeclared work and youth employment, and how to work together with companies to address these issues.

Malmo presented several initiatives aimed at promoting youth employment through strong cooperation with NGOs and the private sector; tackling unemployment via enhanced cooperation with the national public employment services; and combating undeclared work through innovative solutions in public procurement.

The working group discussed the potential outcomes of major EU initiatives, such as the Council recommendation on the integration of the long-term unemployed into the labour market; the New Skills Agenda for Europe; and the European Commission’s report on the implementation of the Youth Guarantee.

The members agreed to arrange a study visit to Madrid dedicated to the issue of long-term unemployment. The working group’s next scheduled meeting will take place in Barcelona on 5-7 October.