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East-West Cooperation event on Roma inclusion


Cities are taking leadership on Roma inclusion and developing pragmatic tools to address the situation on the ground

Thursday’s event at EUROCITIES on East-West cooperation for Roma inclusion is timely. Earlier this week, EU member states adopted the European Commission’s guidelines on effective measures to achieve Roma integration. The recommendations acknowledge the importance of tailoring national approaches to needs on the ground and to support local public authorities in delivering their services. The East-West Cooperation event will be showcasing the innovative approaches local authorities are developing to improve Roma living conditions, particularly in the areas of employment and education.

Politicians and local officials from twenty different cities in both eastern and western Europe will be attending. They have been part of a pilot project that establishes direct links between the regions of origin and destination of Roma migrants. The project’s aim is to improve living conditions for European Roma by increasing the level of understanding and capacity of local authorities to address Roma needs. The conference will be an opportunity for participants to set out the scope for continuing their cooperation and will also include representatives from cities beyond those involved in the East-West project partnership.

This project is one of the ways European cities are taking leadership on Roma inclusion: cities are developing pragmatic tools to address the situation on the ground. These activities also help to inform the EU where funds and actions are most needed.

Participants will be considering proposals for making political commitments and joint efforts. Among these is the idea, put forward by the city of Nantes, to draft a charter-type document that cities can sign up to and which makes their commitment to Roma inclusion unequivocal.

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