EUROCITIES to lead CITIES-GroW project on migrant integration

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European Commission DG Home has approved CITIES-GROW, a project on migrant integration through economic activity in cities, to be led by EUROCITIES.

European Commission DG Home this week confirmed that the CITIES-GROW project application has been successful and will begin in 2017. This is a positive outcome for EUROCITIES and the 16 cities involved in this call. 

More than ever in the context of the refugee situation, European city leaders and decision makers need pragmatic, relevant and practical advice to advice to address migrant integration challenges and develop effective integration strategies to help maximise the potential of immigration. 

The CITIES-GROW (integration of migrants through economic activity in cities) project will be coordinated by EUROCITIES with the support of Migration Policy Group, Migration Work-CIC, and Migration Policy Institute, and counts on the active participation of 16 major European cities: Athens, Barcelona, Birmingham, Brighton & Hove, Dresden, Gdansk, Ghent, Helsinki, Lisbon, Munich, Nantes, Nicosia, Riga, Rotterdam, Tampere and Utrecht.

CITIES-GROW will be a continuation of the ImpleMentoring project, and will build on the mentoring methodology successfully developed, tested and improved under the project. The ImpleMentoring project in turn built on experience and success of previous European Integration Fund (EIF) EUROCITIES local integration projects (MIXITIES, DIVE and INTI-Cities) by shifting the focus from peer reviews and standards-setting towards policy implementation and concrete action. 

For more details, please see the CITIES-GROW project concept note