EUROCITIES supports Commission proposal on type approval

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We have just published a statement on the approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles and real driving emissions testing.

Our position paper supports the approach taken by the European Commission in its legislative proposal calling for more ambitious measures to harmonise emissions tests across the EU.

Cities rely heavily on testing procedures and standards in order to comply with EU legislation on air quality and to protect citizens’ health.

We expect the Commission to play a stronger role as guarantor of the proper enforcement of the type approval regulations, and to ensure the independence and efficiency of real driving emissions testing.

In the wake of the ‘dieselgate’ scandal, the European Parliament set up a committee of inquiry into emission measurements in the automotive sector (EMIS). It is tasked with investigating whether the EU institutions and the national governments 'could and should' have done more to ensure that EU legislation in the field was being fully implemented by Volkswagen. 

Elżbieta Bieńkowska, commissioner for the internal market, said at the 12 September meeting of the EMIS committee that infringement proceedings will be launched against non-compliant member states. 

Read our full statement at the link provided. 

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