EUROCITIES strategic framework

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In our strategic framework, we identify five focus areas that could provide the foundations for a city-led EU urban agenda.

We believe that working in close partnership with cities is the best way to deliver on the EU’s strategic goals. When the European Commission launched its ‘new start’ for Europe at the end of last year, it set out a number of high level priorities with a clear urban dimension, from entrepreneurship to migration. By recognising the potential and capacity of our cities to deliver on these, as well as understanding the challenges and opportunities in urban areas, the EU has a much better chance of achieving these objectives.

Representing over 130 major European cities, we have come up with a strategic framework outlining some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in cities, where 75% of Europe’s population lives. We set out five focus areas, to a large extent aligned with the EU’s strategic priorities, which could provide the foundations for city-led EU urban agenda.

These five focus areas are:

  • cities as drivers of quality jobs and growth

  • inclusive, diverse and creative cities

  • green, free-flowing and healthy cities

  • smarter cities

  • urban innovation and governance in cities


Our strategic framework is designed to maintain momentum in the development of an EU urban agenda. We believe that an EU urban agenda should provide a framework for effective partnerships between the EU, member states and cities, designed to empower and enable Europe’s cities to make a valuable contribution to Europe’s future. Well-performing cities and metropolitan areas are crucial for Europe as a whole. Their performance is critical for Europe’s global competitiveness and should be at the heart of a new start for the EU.

Our strategic framework was adopted by our executive committee during our annual conference, EUROCITIES 2014 Munich in November. 

To find out more, read our strategic framework at the link below. 

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