EUROCITIES statement on standards in the Digital Single Market

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Open standards and interoperability are the key to innovation, economic growth and urban transformation.

As part of its Digital Single Market strategy, the European Commission is committed to the development and use of open European ICT standards that would enable it to address the current fragmentation of the digital products and services market.

Thanks to the widespread usage of machine to machine (M2M) devices - the so called Internet of Things - establishing robust and interoperable systems is crucial for implementing efficient smart city measures. With this in mind, standards setting organisations are key partners in delivering flexible standards in the three domains identified as top priorities by the Commission: multimodal information services, traffic management and urban logistics.

In our statement on standards in the Digital Single Market, we call for a more active role for cities in the development of ICT standards, either directly or through associations at EU level, like EUROCITIES. The local level can make an important contribution by providing input on citizens' needs, testing standards in real projects during the development process, and ensuring the consistent application of existing standards through procurement.

As cities we have identified a number of general recommendations for developing standards. They include: being relevant to existing and emerging challenges and needs in cities, paying attention to the sensitivity of data collected in public space, and being part of a wider framework that supports SMEs, innovative start-ups and citizens’ initiatives that contribute to the development of digital technologies, stimulate innovation and safeguard the diversification of market. 

In becoming smarter cities, we are well aware of the opportunities offered by interoperable systems. We identify a series of priority domains for standardisation , with particular emphasis on those that directly affect both the delivery of services - such as for Intelligent Transport Systems and cybersecurity - and innovative and integrated solutions - such as 5G communications and smart cities.

EUROCITIES is calling for more coordinated work between the various stakeholders at EU level in the development of ICT standards, and for the involvement of cities in the process. 

You can find our statement at the link provided. 

EUROCITIES staff contact

Federica Bordelot