EUROCITIES speaks out on long-term investment

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EUROCITIES participated in the third edition of the European Long-Term Investment Conference, on 26 October in Brussels.

Various high profile experts took part in the event, including senior economists, local authority representatives and EU officials, in roundtables on macroeconomics, stakeholder engagement, and funding for projects and regulations.

Debora Revoltella, chief economist of the EIB, announced their survey on investment within local authorities, anticipating some initial findings: above all, the underinvestment rate in cities, particularly due to poor long term visions and lack of technical capabilities.

EUROCITIES secretary general, Anna Lisa Boni, took part in a panel dedicated to the involvement of local administrations and businesses in policy making. She pointed to regulatory barriers at local level that hinder long term investment, and the constraints most cities face due to the rules of the Stability and Growth Pact. Moreover, she highlighted the different requests EUROCITIES and other regional networks have made to the EU institutions on this very issue.

Patrick Andersson, CEO of Business Region Göteborg, intervened in the same session raising the issue of the difficulty for SMEs to attract investments, despite the consistent share of budget the region devotes to R&D.

Throughout the conference, the discussions gathered on the future of Cohesion Policy, in view of the European Commission’s proposal for the next period, expected to come out by next summer.