EUROCITIES smart cities: Munich develops flagship smart city district

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Together with Lyon and Vienna, Munich will be a European flagship location for the development and implementation of smart city solutions.

The European Commission selected the three cities out of more than 40 applicants for ‘Smarter Together’, an EU project that aims to develop smart and inclusive urban solutions to improve quality of life for citizens.

Over the next three years, Munich will invest the EU funds in a particular district: Neuaubing-Westkreuz, home to 30,000 inhabitants.

The measures include:

  • Upgrading of integrated infrastructure by using smart data-managed platforms and smart service offers, such as intelligent lampposts, distributor stations for goods, and service and accommodation related sharing economy solutions and apps.

  • Support for sustainable transport solutions, including car sharing, electric bikes for freight, and mobility stations with information panels.

  • Comprehensive renovation of existing public and private housing stock, including energy renovation of 42,000m2 of living space and consulting with tenants, all while guaranteeing the rental price of the apartments.

The project area is also closely linked with Freiham, a development area for up to 20,000 new residents. A geothermal power plant was recently opened there to produce renewable energy for the new city quarter as well as for the Smarter Together project district. Together with photovoltaic panels on residential houses and a virtual power plant (battery-based energy storage and distribution system), a new structure of renewable energy production and consumption at local level will be implemented.

The kick-off for the citizen participation process in Neuaubing-Westkreuz took place on 2 June. Smarter Together is based on an intense co-creation process with the citizens in the project area. A local ‘city district laboratory’ will host regular workshops on all proposed measures, bringing together citizens, administration and experts from companies and institutions such as Siemens and the Fraunhofer Institut.

From 17 May to 17 June we are showcasing our work on smart cities through EUROCITIES smart cities month. Join our Twitter campaign @EUROCITIEStweet via #smartercities. 

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Raymond SallerSenior Policy Advisor