EUROCITIES responds to EU telecoms review

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Fast internet access for all is essential to complete the Digital Single Market (DSM) and represents another step towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe.

With this in mind, the European Commission is currently reviewing the telecoms regulatory framework as part of its DSM strategy.

The deployment of future-proof broadband infrastructure is a priority for economic development, competitiveness and better quality of life in cities. The availability of high-quality sustainable broadband has a huge impact on job creation, skills development and better e-services that favour citizen engagement while reducing administrative costs.

In our statement on broadband we call for greater investment in future-proof broadband infrastructure while safeguarding competition. We highlight the important role cities play in promoting competition, stimulating innovation and service development in the public sector, and encouraging efficient public spending. We point out that a non-vertically integrated business model is fundamental to encourage competition. 

Cities are commonly considered as ‘black areas’ where broadband is supplied by at least two competitors. We know this is not always the case for many deprived areas in cities where private investments are not guaranteed. We therefore call for a review of the state aid rules which would allow cities to intervene in those areas, opening the market for broadband services while supporting investments in the latest technologies.

Finally, we emphasise that fibre technology is the only option able to meet the demand for unlimited symmetrical capacity on both download and upload, and call for a common EU framework that would help to define a desirable speed, quality and capacity in Europe.

You can read our statement on broadband at the link provided.  

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Federica Bordelot