EUROCITIES president meets top EU officials in Brussels

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Johanna Rolland, EUROCITIES president and mayor of Nantes, represented our network at several meetings with senior European policy makers on 11-12 October in Brussels.

The overall objective of these discussions was to strengthen the ties between EUROCITIES and the EU institutions. 

Johanna Rolland reaffirmed the role of EUROCITIES and our members in implementing the Urban Agenda for the EU and our active involvement in the partnerships as one of the key delivery mechanisms.

Among other issues, her discussions with leading officials of the European Commission’s directorates-general for environment and climate focused on climate change, air quality, the circular economy and water management.

Johanna Rolland also discussed the role and involvement of EUROCITIES in the integration of migrants and refugees with DG HOME. She called for cooperation between the EU institutions and Europe’s major cities to address the pressing challenges, offering a partnership approach.

EUROCITIES staff contact

Marta Marcuzzi