EUROCITIES on COP 21: Malmo's Climate Living in Cities Concept

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Malmo ran its CLICC project from 2010-2014 to tackle household carbon emissions by refurbishing three housing compounds.

In its bid to reduce per capital energy use by 20% by 2020, Malmo began the Climate Living in Cities Concept (CLICC) in 2010. The initiative involved refurbishing three post-war housing compounds, comprising a total of 1,200 households. This was complemented by awareness-raising activities.

Refurbishments included replacing a traditional heating system with one that generates warmth from used air, photovoltaic panels on roofs and energy efficient washing machines.

The city wanted to show citizens that with a little bit of effort they can make a big difference. It enlisted the support of a group of ‘climate coaches’, volunteers leading climate themed sub-projects. Their role was to teach citizens how to live more sustainably and encourage behavioural changes in areas such as food consumption and transport.

Residents were also invited to use a greenhouse gas emissions calculator to determine their own household emissions and find tips on how to reduce these.

Find out more about how the Climate Living in Cities Concept worked in our 2013 ‘cities in action’ case study, available here. The project’s final report is available in English here