EUROCITIES cooperation platform makes the most of networking in Porto

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This year's EUROCITIES cooperation platform meeting took place in Porto on 12-13 May, with over 120 participants from 75 member cities.

The first day saw participants take part in parallel thematic sessions on some of the network's main priorities, including smart cities, the urban agenda for the EU, and work. 

Participants also attended three parallel workshops on 'how to motivate colleagues to participate in European work'; 'how to make the most of peer learning'; and 'how to effectively link the political work of the EUROCITIES executive committee to our six thematic forums'. 

In the workshop on peer learning, EUROCITIES members Terrassa and Angers spoke about how peer learning offers cities a great opportunity to learn from each other and to gather concrete examples that can then be adapted and applied to their own needs. 

On the second day, participants were updated on the latest and forthcoming EU policy and projects developments. They attended speednetworking sessions, covering all of the EUROCITIES thematic forums, as well as other issues, such as the refugee crisis and ways to benefit from EUROCITIES projects. 

The event ended with an interactive session on best practices for writing project proposals, focusing on the newly-launched Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) funding programme. The UIA aims to provide local authorities with resources to test new and unproven solutions to urban challenges. Cities gave account of their experiences and the lessons learned during the application process. 

Host city Porto has produced a short video on the event, available here

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