EUROCITIES adopts statement on the Social Investment Package


Our new statement on the Social Investment Package (SIP) is the result of a political discussion held at the Barcelona social affairs forum in March this year.

Fifteen polticians from 13 cities in nine countries attended the discussions, which touched on issues such as widening inequalities, austerity measures and the high costs of social exclusion in the long term. 
One of the main messages of the statement is, therefore, that the SIP needs to maintain a strong focus on fighting social exclusion and maintaining social cohesion. 
The SIP can play a key role in promoting investment in people and in ensuring an adequate level of social protection for all. 
The statement goes on to stress the importance of cities as full partners in implementing the SIP, and working together with different government levels. 
It also emphasises the role of cities in shaping European social policy governance, and especially in preparing and assessing National Reform Programmes (NRPs) and working more closely with the European institutions. 
Finally, the statement highlights the need to channel EU funding, in particular the European Social Fund (ESF), into addressing social challenges in cities. It also asks the European Commission to monitor cities' engagement in the preparation and implementation of the Partnership Agreements for European Structural and Investment Funds. 
You can read our full statement at the link below.