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EUROCITIES WG employment in Barcelona


Our working group employment met in Barcelona on 7 October for discussions on active employment policies and to learn more about Barcelona's activities to address unemployment.

The meeting kicked off with a comprehensive presentation of Barcelona Activa, the city agency for employment and local economic development. Representatives from the city of Barcelona then introduced several initiatives implemented at local level and designed to promote employment and equal opportunities in the development of the economy. The presentations highlighted the need for greater cooperation and consensus regarding these policies, by involving several city departments and other levels of governance and third sector organisations. The meeting also included a presentation on how Barcelona uses social clauses for a more responsible public procurement model fostering employment of most vulnerable people.

The Làbora programme supported by the city of Barcelona and third sector organisations was also presented. It aims to generate tools for the social services to foster social and labour inclusion in order to reach out to those people most at risk of exclusion and improve their employment opportunities.

Participants were able to learn more about how the city of Barcelona is developing its orientation model to ensure equal opportunities and the need of an innovative vision of the insertion processes. Emphasising the importance of acting locally and at the level closest to citizens, the 'Work in the neighbourhoods' project was also introduced.

Presentations from the city of Barcelona gave participants a basis on which to engage in valuable discussions about the involvement of third sector organisations, the design of employment plans at neighbourhood level as well the use of social clauses in public procurement for promoting more inclusive labour markets.

There were 12 EUROCITIES members at the meeting: Berlin, Bristol, Ghent, Gijon, Madrid, Malmo, Milan, Munich, Nantes, Stockholm, Tbilisi and Uppsala.

The working group elected two co-chairs for 2017: Pia Hellberg Lannerheim from Malmo and Celine Schroeder from Nantes.

The next meeting of our working group employment will take place in Stockholm in April 2017.

EUROCITIES members can find presentations and working documents related to this event are available here (login required).