EUROCITIES 2014 Munich: Simon Anholt confirmed as keynote


Professor Simon Anholt will deliver the keynote speech at EUROCITIES 2014 Munich, taking place on 5-8 November.

Professor Simon Anholt is best known as the world’s leading authority on national and city image. As well as publishing the Anholt-GfK Roper National Brands Index and the City Brands Index, he has helped more than 50 heads of state and government to improve how their countries engage with the rest of the world.

In June this year, he launched the Good Country Index, which measures how much each country contributes to humanity and the planet. At EUROCITIES 2014 Munich, he will be talking for the first time about the Good City: what does it mean, how can a city become ‘good’, and why is it essential for the future of humanity?

Join us for Simon Anholt’s keynote speech and much more at EUROCITIES 2014 Munich on 5-8 November.

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