EU support for cities & social innovation

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With greater attention being paid to the key role that social innovation plays in tackling urban challenges, the SEiSMiC project has published a guide on what the EU is doing to help.

The scoping paper is one of the project's main outputs and outlines EU policies and key stakeholders related to urban development and social innovation. 
The paper is made up of three parts, each focusing on a key dimension of SEiSMiC.
The parts can be read separately or together. They are:
  • Part 1: EU institutions in relation to urban issues

  • Part 2: EU policies and urban development in Europe

  • Part 3: Urban development and social innovation in the SEISMIC countries.

To download all three as a single PDF, click here.

SEiSMiC aims to help tackle Europe's biggest urban proeblems by engaging citizens, identifying social innovation needs, and contributing to future urban policies and research strategies. It builds diverse networks of urban stakeholders to propose effective, widely-accepted solutions. It then engages the public in creative ways, so that research learns from citizens, and citizens learn from research. 

Find out more about SEiSMiC on the project website: