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EU funding helps citizens ‘do the right mix’

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EUROCITIES members are amongst those to benefit from funding through the European Commission’s sustainable urban mobility campaign ‘Do the Right Mix’.

The European Commission has announced the 19 actions set to receive funding under its ‘Do the Right Mix’ sustainable urban mobility campaign. The selected campaigns, which were revealed on 18 June, will each receive €7,000 to help promote greener and more sustainable travel, for example through competitions and educational activities.

Among the actions being recognised are a number taking place in EUROCITIES member cities, including: Aarhus, Brno, Copenhagen, Ghent, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Munich, Nancy, and Vilnius. These include Brno’s ‘NAKOLEON’ mass bike ride designed to encourage the development of cycling infrastructure and a change in mobility behaviour, and Tallinn’s ‘Bicycle Week’ cycling campaign, which targets car drivers in summertime traffic jams.

Since Do the Right Mix was launched in 2012, over 605 sustainable urban mobility actions have been registered on its website, from over 31 European countries. They feature on a ‘mobility map’ which gives greater visibility to campaigners and their activities.

The latest call for funding attracted 66 applications from 23 eligible countries, compared to last year’s 18. The funding will co-finance activities running from 1 June to 31 December 2014 and it open to all non-commercial bodies.

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