EU Non-Binding Guidelines on Urban Vehicle Access Regulations

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The EU Non-Binding Guidelines on Urban Vehicle Access Regulations have now been published, and can be found on the following link:
These Guidelines have been developed by a European Commission consultant over the past years.  Many EU stakeholders were consulted, including EUROCITIES and member cities, who provided input and participated in stakeholder consultation workshops.  Stakeholders did not have the possibility to review the final draft. 
The Guidelines are non-binding and aim to support cities in developing and implementing Urban Vehicle Access Regulations.  As mentioned on the dedicated “CLARS” EU website (, “there is currently a steep increase over the last months and weeks in cities implementing and planning Zero Emissions aspects of access regulations. Schemes in place increasingly include those giving electric vehicles preferential access, as well as planned zero emission zones (ZEZs), including no cars. Air Quality, Diesel bans, Euro 6 LEZs, LEZs are also still strongly in the news.” 

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