EIP-SCC General Assembly 2018 taking place in Sofia Bulgaria, 27-28 June!

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In 2018, the main purpose of the General Assembly is to facilitate deals between urban project promoters, industry and finance. There will also be an opportunity for cities to explore market opportunities and shape project proposals. Project promoters can present their business model and also find partners who want to make investments. Others will have the opportunity to exchange and disseminate best practices for aspiring smart cities.
After years of public support to smart cities projects, in fact, replicable business models are available and the provision of smart solutions is now definitely at the core interest of investors whose commitment can have a relevant impact on the EU economy.
The matchmaking platform of the EIP-SCC Marketplace will help to attract investors' interests for the commitment of European cities in becoming smarter and better places to live in. And the General Assembly 2018 will be the first in a series of events making these efforts visible.
Thus, don’t miss the opportunity of joining us on 27th & 28th June in Sofia, Bulgaria!
The Marketplace Matchmaking platform connects cities, financiers and industry experts
As urban populations swell, infrastructure needs mount and budget constraints loom, cities and their citizens need help to move urgent civic improvement projects forward. By expanding its matchmaking activities to maximise opportunities for cities to connect with financiers and industry experts, the EIP-SCC’s Marketplace team is providing that help.
How it works
The matchmaking platform will help cities to create and implement intelligent and sustainable urban solutions, whether they are just launching pre-feasibility studies or in a more advanced stage of the project lifecycle.
It will provide help along three principal phases:
1.            Exploring possibilities – Cities will be able to learn more about funding and technological solutions available to them.
2.            Shaping opportunities – Cities will get guidance to improve early-stage proposals or ways to aggregate proposals to maximise impact and scale.
3.            Facilitating deals – Cities with concrete project proposals can submit them to the matchmaking platform where they will be matched with interested financiers.
Stay tuned for the matchmaking platform, which will soon be launched on the EIP-SCC website!