Discussions on social innovation


The latest meeting of our working group on smart social inclusion focused on social innovation.

Our working group on smart social inclusion met in Porto on 24-25 September to discuss social innovation. Participants took an in-depth look at the Porto Social Foundation, which is an agency dedicated to the promotion and support of social innovation. The foundation acts as a business incubator for socially innovative projects, providing capacity-building and financial support to people to turn their ideas into social enterprises. A rigorous methodology has been developed and it is applied in assessing social innovative ideas and projects.

A number of visits were also organised to socially innovative projects supported by the Porto Foundation. These included a tourism organisation for people with disabilities, and a sewing and fashion club for unemployed women over 50 which specialises in vintage clothing.

Working group members established the group's priorities for 2015, which include social innovation and innovative ways to finance social policies.

 More information about the Porto Social Foundation