Discovering integrated childcare services in Nantes


Representatives from ten different cities and the European Commission attended a study visit organised by EUROCITIES and Nantes on integrated childcare services on 15-16 September.

The study visit, which was organised as part of our Social Investment Package (SIP) taskforce on integrated and coordinated services, analysed Nantes’ work on ‘re-thinking childcare to lift barriers to employment’ to see how services have been integrated on a local level to make them more effective, and to help foster a more open and inclusive labour market. Participants also discussed the broader social impact of strategic social investment, and investigated the transferability of the project for other cities.

Participants visited two of the 25 multi-purpose childcare centres managed directly by the city. These childcare centres aim to offer comprehensive and varied childcare options to parents. They also visited the central single service point (‘Relais Nord’) that Nantes established in 2011 to communicate and harmonise the different childcare services in the city and propose effective childcare solutions.

The Nantes project will appear in our publication of best practices from ten different cities on integrated and coordinated services, to be published in December this year. We will also release a video on the project.