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Cyd Cymru - in search of a better energy deal

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Our latest 'cities in action' case study looks at Cardiff's Cyd Cymru energy switching scheme.

‘Collective switching’ is about grouping consumers together to directly approach suppliers for a better deal. Cyd Cymru is helping Cardiff’s residents to form collectives and approach energy suppliers in search of a more cost effective energy package. 

With the price of energy in the UK rising faster than household incomes, fuel poverty is becoming more common, and many households are struggling to meet the basic energy demands of cooking and heating. 

Cyd Cymru invites residents to sign up over a six week period, providing as much detail about their energy consumption as possible. The information gathered from the group of participants is then sent to energy suppliers, who have time to prepare new tariffs and revise existing ones. 

An auction then takes place, with suppliers battling it out to offer the best price, and each household is then given a personal offer based on

their initial information. They are under no obligation to sign up to this, but if they do, Cyd Cymru will help them make the switch. 

Cardiff City Council is leading the scheme, together with another local council, and with the support of the Welsh government, local authorities and housing associations. 

Nearly half of the participants currently come from the Cardiff area, but the city is looking to spread the principle of collective switching further afield. 

Already, Cardiff has aligned with partners including Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield, to form a collective of 51,000 consumers. 

The larger the group, the better the savings are likely to be for consumers, and Cardiff sees great potential for a collective switching scheme at national level. 

On average, households are saving £170 (€213) on their annual energy bills, and the city estimates that if everyone had taken up the opportunity to switch suppliers, £1 million (€1.25m) could have been saved. 

Find out more about collective switching and the Cyd Cymru example in our latest ‘cities in action’ case study, at the link below.