Covenant of Mayors webinar: Financing the energy renovation of housing - How to get banks on board?

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Mon 19 February 2018 11:00 – 12:30 CET

Financing of energy retrofit works can be costly. For example, in Picardie region in France, a single family house can be refurbished for € 42,000, achieving on average 56% energy savings. Traditionally, to pay for the renovation, homeowners can either use their own savings or apply for a bank loan. Recently, in some parts of Europe, local and regional authorities have set up innovative third party financing operators or funds to facilitate access to financing, especially to low and medium income households. However, banks remain key partners for local authorities with ambitious housing energy renovation programmes - their financial sources are ‘unlimited’, they have direct contact with homeowners and construction sector businesses who are their clients and they might have interest to support real green economy development at local level.
The objective of this webinar is to share experience of cities and regions from France and Italy which attempted to establish partnerships with banks in order to offer attractive financing option such as low interest and long term energy renovation loans to homeowners on their territory.