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Commission report on urban innovation

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While Europe’s 20th century opened with escalating hostility between nation states, culminating in unspeakable tragedy, the story of our 21st century is so far a hopeful one, with cities, driving major social and political progress, at its centre.

A new report from the Commission, ‘EU research and innovation for and with cities’, details a host of projects in the Horizon 2020 programme in which cities have distinguished themselves as major movers in the fields of mobility, climate action, social integration, digital innovation and culture.
The report makes it clear that EUROCITIES and its members are major protagonists in the narrative of 21st century cities: insight into how cities feed their ever growing populations has been gained through the Study on Food in Cities; the Urban Water Agenda deals with smart approaches to one of our most precious resources; GuiDanCe is shepherding cities through the digital realm; CIVITAS is making trips from A to B more sustainable and convenient; URBAN EU CHINA is proving that when it comes to creating a sustainable future, cities are as borderless as climate change; and NiCE is making it clear that cities are Europe’s most ambitious players in setting climate goals.
Through projects like these, cities have made it clear that they have a core role to play in the future of research and innovation. To get an idea of the innovative uses that cities are putting the EU’s €1.7 billion investment to, read the full report:

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