CoR and OECD Consultation on Localizing SDGs

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The Committee of the Regions, in cooperation with the OECD, is following up on the initiative on localising the SDGs, necessary to achieve the Agenda 2030.

With feedback from local authorities on their work on SDGs, the European Committee of the Regions wants to showcase how you have implemented, or currently are implementing, SDGs. This information will be used to influence a future EU strategy on SDGs, to better advocate for a territorial approach in the European and national policy-making process and to boost actions of implementation.

Your views on what should the EU do on SDGs, on the priorities the EU should have to act on SDGs will also feed in the CoR opinion on a Sustainable Europe by 2030 to be elaborated during the course of 2019.

This survey will also contribute to the broader OECD Programme on A Territorial Approach to SDGs: A role for cities and regions to leave no one behind, which seeks to support cities and regions in fostering a territorial approach to the SDGs.

Should you be interested in contributing to the survey, please follow this link.