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City twinning on climate adaptation

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Mayors Adapt, the European Commission's initiative on climate adaptation, is offering several opportunities for cities to learn from each other about ways to become more resilient.

We are a partner in Mayors Adapt, the Covenant of Mayors initiative on adaptation to climate change. Mayors Adapt is organising several opportunities for cities to exchange ideas and experiences of adapting to climate change. The first opportunity is taking place during our environment forum, meeting in Porto on 25-27 March, where representatives from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Tampere and Ljubljana will join our members to share views on the health implications of climate change. 

The second will be a series of twinning exercises on urban climate resiliences tools and policies. Ten municipalities that are just embarking on their work on climate adaptation or that are considering implementing a specific measure designed to increase resilience will be eligible to visit cities that are more advanced in their climate adaptation measures, or that have implemented similar policies.