City of Toronto to sign Integrating Cities Charter


The city of Toronto is to become the first non European city to sign the EUROCITIES Integrating Cities Charter

Toronto in Canada is set to become the first non-European signatory of our Integrating Cities Charter. The news was announced at the final conference of our ImpleMentoring project in Brussels on 18 June,

Toronto representatives have been in regular contact with EUROCITIES since February 2013. They attended the Integrating Cities conference in Tampere in September 2013, during which they had the opportunity to meet signatories of the charter and find out more about the commitments and implications.


The day Toronto signs the charter will become known as ‘Newcomer Day’ in the city, in recognition of the city’s commitment to enhance public perception of migration and diversity.


The city council decision also lists a series of recommendations in the framework of an ‘Immigrant friendly city project’, with a first report on implementation to be published in February 2015. These 22 recommendations are in line with the Integrating Cities standards in terms of equality strategy, civic and political participation, language, service provision and employment.


The decision commits Toronto to actively lobby the Canadian federal government on immigration issues, for example on the right of foreign residents to vote in municipal elections.