Cities supporting eInclusion and citizen participation

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New report explores how digital access can improve quality of life for citizens

Our new report, 'Cities support eInclusion and citizen participation', explores how improving digital access and IT skills among citizens leads to employability, job creation, social inclusion and integration, and helps stimulate our economies

For disadvantaged groups in particular, digital exclusion can make it difficult to access many services and participate fully in the community. It can also result in a lack of confidence among citizens. In our new publication we share examples of actions being undertaken by European cities to support digital inclusion and citizen participation in general, and for specific groups.

Successful initiatives such as those outlined in this report are being implemented in cities all over Europe. The Digital Agenda for Europe and the European funding programmes for 2014-2020 are vital for promoting eInclusion across the EU. The recently adopted Social Investment Package urges member states to test new approaches to social policies, including through ICT-enabled innovations, using the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation. The most effective innovations can be scaled-up using the European structural and investment funds. It is therefore crucial that these programmes have a strong urban dimension and enable city authorities to foster eInclusion in the coming years.