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Cities' role in food systems innovation

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The European Commission is organising, in cooperation with EUROCITIES, an event on 'Cities for Food Systems Innovation and Green Jobs', which is to take place in Brussels on 31 May alongside Green Week.

This full-day workshop will provide an opportunity to explore the role of cities in fostering food systems innovation and green jobs at local level. The main objectives are to discuss and share experiences related to: the importance of adopting a systems approach to sustainable and healthy food production and consumption in urban areas; the potential for green job creation; and future research, innovation, and investment opportunities for cities in the field of urban food systems.

During the event, the preliminary results of our study focusing on ‘Food innovation in cities’ - in which WG food participated - will be presented and used as a basis for interactive discussions.

Participants will discuss the added value of cities and the challenges they face – both as place-based ecosystems and as local authorities - in enabling broad-based innovation, green jobs, and the empowerment of communities. Representatives from Ghent and Venice will also speak at the event on behalf of our WG food.