Cities in action: REECH, Liverpool

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REECH is a public-private pilot project to test green retrofitting in Liverpool City Region housing.

The initiative, which stands for Renewables and Energy Efficiency in Community Housing, is the focus of our latest cities in action case study. It aims to cut CO2 emissions, reduce fuel poverty, enhance wellbeing, and provide training and jobs. 

Liverpool City Region figures from 2005 showed that 22% of CO2 emissions came from housing, with its 140,000 social housing units accounting for 560 kilotonnes of CO2 each year. So when new European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) regulations allowed for 4% of funding to be used for housing-related energy initiatives, this prompted Liverpool's new collaborative green technology pilot, REECH. 

The programme involves retrofitting 14 green technologies, individually or in various combinations, into several thousand social housing units. 

Promoting behavioural change is integral to REECH, with residents encouraged to adapt their energy consumption habits, including through outreach to schools and other organisations. 

The programme is the result of a strong partnership between different local authorities, social housing providers, educational institutions, locally-based suppliers, residents and other organisations. 

Community engagement helps ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible, with residents kept fully informed of developments and their concerns taken into account. 

By 2016, REECH will have retrofitted some 4,000 homes, saving 22kt of CO2. In addition, the project will have created 386 jobs. REECH won the 2014 EUROCITIES award for cooperation. 

Read more about the project in our latest case study, available at the link provided.