Cities in action: ITS Factory

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Tampere's Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS) Factory is fast tracking innovative software solutions to transport issues by providing a collaborative working environment to support progress, from concept to commercialisation.

Urbanisation, congestion and air pollution are all forcing cities to find new ways for citizens to move about more easily and conveniently, but with less impact on the environment. Intelligent transport solutions (ITS) have the potential to do this, using real time data to show what's happening on the streets in order to make smarter use of the transport network. 

For cities to achieve the potential benefits of ITS solutions, all public transport operators need to pool their data. For example, when a transport service tells a customer that a train they are about to catch is delayed, that service needs to be able to offer alternative, multimodal options for the journey. 

As well as recognising that close cooperation between different transport modes is essential, Tampere also realised that something more was needed: collaboration between businesses with bright ideas, researchers with unique insights, and government bodies involved in policy, legislation and standards. This led to the creation of ITS Factory, bringing together local, national and international public and private stakeholders to work on cutting edge transport solutions. 

Mika Kulmala, traffic engineer for the city of Tampere and ITS Factory, says: "The idea behind ITS Factory is to create a collaboration forum that can take ITS innovations from fragemented applications to complete and scalable solutions."

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