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Cities in action: CLICC, Malmo

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The challenge of reducing household emissions

Malmo hopes to reduce its energy per capita by 20% by 2020. As part of the solution, Climate Living In Cities Concept (CLICC) is a project with an even more challenging goal: to reduce carbon emissions in three post-war housing compounds by 50% by 2014. The city will use the experience as a basis to engage citizens in reducing household emissions.

The refurbishment of these three old and inefficient buildings is being overseen by the city council, but managed by housing organisations. Measures being implemented include replacing the heating system, installing solar panels and providing new, efficient washing machines. The total budget is a little over €4 million, with a quarter covered by European Comission funding. The remainder is coming from the city and the partners.

CLICC also has a team of 'climate coaches'. These volunteers are responsible for teaching people how to make a big contribution with small changes. They organise information events and run projects for specific measures. Citizens can use an online calculator to determine their household's emissions and the coaches advise them on how to reduce these.

Malmo plans to spread the word further afield by turning the calculator in a smartphone app and publishing a guide containing the measures implemented to promote good practises around Europe.

Learn more about Malmo and the CLICC project in our full case study below. This case study will be among a selection being featured at our 'Cities in action' exhibition on 8 Octover 2013 in Brussels.