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Cities contributing to Europe's energy security

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We helped organise a high-level conference on 'Local authorities for the energy security of Europe' with the Covenant of Mayors and the European Commission on 9 October.

Cities from countries with high energy provision risks explained how they are reducing their energy dependence on Russia in the wake of the crisis in Ukraine. 

Our members Helsinki and Riga explained how fuel switching in district heating networks has helped them reduce their natural gas dependence. 

Warsaw presented different financing schemes used to implement energy saving measures. 

A first analysis by the Commission's Joint Research Centre revealed that implementing the energy saving measures set out in the Covenant of Mayors action plans for the six most energy dependent member states could save up to 58% of natural gas consumption. You can find examples of local actions for decreasing energy consumption and increasing power production in the Covenant of Mayors brochure, 'Reducing energy dependence in European cities'. 

In its European Energy Security Strategy, published in May this year, the Commission identified local authorities, working through the Covenant of Mayors, as crucial partners for protecting Europe from energy shocks. Read more in the article linked below.