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Circular innovators – Ljubljana’s green approach

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Ahead of the EUROCITIES Conference 2017, Zoran Jankovic, mayor of Ljubljana welcomes participants to our host city and talks about our theme, ‘circular economy’.

As former European Green Capital 2016, Ljubljana knows how important green initiatives are. Ljubljana is already doing a lot to promote the circular economy, and has been actively collecting examples

One key element of transitioning to the circular economy is to factor in the benefits it can bring to citizens. The more people get on board with circular ideas, the faster we will advance. Ljubljana has clearly made this a priority in its circular approach, as demonstrated through its ‘Point.For You’ programme and its ‘Library of THINGS’.

Listen to mayor Jankovic’s message to fellow EUROCITIES member cities and other stakeholders who are beginning to get involved in this area:

The EUROCITIES Conference will take place in Ljubljana from 15-17 November. Find out more here:

EUROCITIES is currently a circular economy month to share examples of circular transition from across our network. We are posting articles, interviews, social media cards and other items in the build up to the EUROCITIES conference in Ljubljana. Follow the conversation on Twitter via #circulareconomy and #EUROCITIES2017 and find out more


Title image: Dunja Wedam Photography