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CASCADE visit on climate adaptation

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CASCADE city Edinburgh invited a mentor from Mannheim to advise the city on climate adaptation measures

Edinburgh hosted CASCADE mentors from Mannheim and the Wuppertal Institute on 10-13 December 2013 to learn from their expertise on city-wide governance and management of climate change mitigation and adaptation policies and initiatives.

Edinburgh City Council has adopted the ambitious Scottish national target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2020 against the 1990 baseline. Edinburgh’s case is challenging as the city centre is a protected world heritage area. The city council is currently drafting its Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).

To support this goal, Edinburgh invited the manager and scientific advisor from Mannheim’s Climate Protection Centre together with a CASCADE thematic expert. The team came up with ideas to establish a city-wide organisational structure to implement climate change mitigation and adaptation policies and projects.

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