Barcelona adopts ambitious strategy to reduce inequalities

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On 9 April, the Barcelona City Council adopted the Barcelona Strategy for Inclusion and Reducing Inequalities. This is a 10-year strategy that will run until 2027. The strategy won the votes of all parties in the city council and the support of all social partners and civil society.

This new strategy is the culmination of all efforts made by individuals and social and municipal organisations to build a city where everyone can enjoy a decent life. A city where work is coordinated in order to strengthen social cohesion. 

This new strategy aims to:

  • reduce income inequalities and guarantee fundamental rights such as housing, high-quality jobs and provision of basic needs
  • increase educational equality as well as training and cultural opportunities
  • promote relational and community services and networks
  • eliminate stigmatisation and social segregation
  • reduce territorial social inequalities

167 stakeholders formed of social organisations, networks and municipal departments and services, are implementing the strategy’s 896 projects. 

The vision of this new strategy is to build ‘many Barcelonas’ – a socially just Barcelona; a welcoming, habitable Barcelona; an educating fun city; a feminist metropolis; a health capital that cares for everyone and a shared city invited everyone to help build it and enjoy it. It is a Barcelona made of many identities!

Read the Barcelona Strategy for Inclusion and Reducing Inequalities in the attachment below. 

Watch the video presenting the strategy:

   Barcelona_Strategy_for_Inclusion_and_Reducing_Inequalities_ENdownload/preview this file