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EU Parliament acts to support migrant children

On 2 May 2018, the European Parliament adopted a new resolution to protect migrant children arriving in the EU. The resolution calls for all member states to safeguard the rights and interests of children taking into consideration the unique challenges faced by child refugees and asylum seekers, such as vulnerability to exploitation, violence and sexual abuse.


publication date : 13-08-2018

Social Affairs Forum in Stuttgart to look into social sustainability and social rights

Do you wish to make your city socially sustainable for the future? Do you want to deliver social rights for all people in your city? Join our autumn Social Affairs Forum in Stuttgart on 23-24 October to learn and be inspired on how to achieve these ambitions.


publication date : 09-08-2018

Call for external evaluator on impacts - Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme

We are looking for an external evaluator to assess the impact of the EUROCITIES mutual learning activities under the Employment and Social Inclusion (EaSI) operating grant 2018.


publication date : 18-07-2018

Publication and video production services needed

We are looking for companies to deliver the outputs (publications and video production) of the EUROCITIES annual work plan for employment and social inclusion, financed under the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) 2018-2021.


publication date : 18-06-2018

OECD launches the report "Working together for local integration of migrants and refugees"

On 11 April, the OCED launched the report "Working together for local integration of migrants and refugees", which includes contributions and practices from many EUROCITIES members.


publication date : 24-04-2018

Building an inclusive society – Turin adopts ‘Guidelines for cultural diversity and participation’

Without the inclusion of citizens in the political processes, there can be no democracy. The city of Turin is tackling this issue head on, ensuring that even the most vulnerable social groups can be heard.


publication date : 20-04-2018

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Barcelona adopts ambitious strategy to reduce inequalities

On 9 April, the Barcelona City Council adopted the Barcelona Strategy for Inclusion and Reducing Inequalities. This is a 10-year strategy that will run until 2027. The strategy won the votes of all parties in the city council and the support of all social partners and civil society.


publication date : 12-04-2018


publication date : 06-04-2018

Ability, response and social responsibility – Lisbon visits Birmingham to grow social value with Cities Grow

Although migrant run companies are enriching Lisbon in the areas of food, technology and retail, the city is anxious to see similar successes in other industries.


publication date : 05-04-2018


publication date : 28-03-2018