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European Parliament votes in favour of a stronger urban dimension of ESF+ 2021-2027

On 3 December 2018, the European Parliament’s EMPL committee adopted its report on the Commission's proposal for the European Social Fund+ 2021-2027. 


publication date : 10-12-2018

EUROCITIES political event at the European Parliament 'From principle to action: How to implement the EU Pillar of Social Rights at local level'

EUROCITIES will launch a new political initiative to show the cities’ concrete contributions to a more cohesive and inclusive Europe starting from local level. EUROCITIES deputy mayors will present their pledges to act on the principles of the EU Pillar for Social Rights through dedicated investments for city measures. This will take place at an event of EUROCITIES at the European Parliament on 21 February 2019 in the presence of Members of European Parliament and high-level Commission...


publication date : 04-12-2018

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European Commission call for speakers to present evidence on social investment

The European Commission's Social Situation Monitor (SSM) team has launched a call for abstracts for an oral presentation at an EU seminar on social investment that will take place in Brussels, in late January/early February 2019, depending on speakers’ availability.


publication date : 21-11-2018

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One year on, cities prove commitment to the social pillar

One year has passed since the EU Social Summit on 17 November 2017 in Gothenburg when the European Pillar of Social Rights was officially adopted. What has been done so far and what key actions are still required?


publication date : 16-11-2018

New Eurofound report sheds light on social cohesion and well-being in Europe

In recent years, the EU has put increasing emphasis on the promotion of social cohesion as a central element for the improvement of quality of life for its citizens. With initiatives such as the Europe 2020 strategy, the social investment package and the European Pillar of Social Rights, the goal to promote fairer and more inclusive societies has taken centre stage. But is this EU goal hitting a home-run with EU citizens, or is the reality closer to a strike out?


publication date : 14-11-2018

Affordable Housing crisis: intergenerational inequalities and exclusion of young people from qualitative job

On 9 November, the World Bank has launched ‘The Living and Leaving: Housing, Mobility and Welfare in the European Union' report which analyses how the affordability of housing impacts labour productivity, growth and opportunities for citizens in the EU’s 28-member states.


publication date : 12-11-2018

Stuttgart's way of integrating migrants and refugees

At the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum in Stuttgart on 23-24 October 2018, Stuttgart presented its model for integrating refugees. The focus is on a holistic approach based on integration of services made accessible and available to refugees while catering for their individual needs for integration in the city.


publication date : 31-10-2018

Stuttgart is the second city to sign pledge to turn principles of the EU Pillar of Social Rights into action

At the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum, held in Stuttgart on 23-24 October 2018, Stuttgart became the second city to commit to turn the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights into concrete actions at local level. Stuttgart will invest €3 million a year to meet principle 17 on the inclusion of people with disabilities.


publication date : 30-10-2018

Cities at the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum in Stuttgart issue recommendations for a more socially sustainable Europe

The EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum met in Stuttgart on 23-24 October 2018 to focus on the theme of 'Together for Socially Sustainable Cities: Anchoring the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve Social Rights for All'.


publication date : 26-10-2018

Joint meeting of WG Homelessness and Housing on ‘preventing evictions and homelessness’ in Vienna, 6-7 December

EUROCITIES Working Groups Homelessness and Housing will meet in Vienna on 6-7 December, for a policy transfer on ‘preventing evictions and homelessness’. The event is co-organized together with the host city and it is designed as a study visit showcasing Vienna’s work on preventing evictions and homelessness thought an integrated approach of housing and homelessness services.


publication date : 23-10-2018