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publication date : 15-07-2019

Register NOW for WG Roma critical friend review on integrated city plan for Roma inclusion in Braga, 24-26 September

EUROCITIES WG Roma inclusion is meeting in Braga, on 24-26 September, for a mutual learning under the format of a critical friend review on ‘how to develop an effective integrated city plan for Roma inclusion’.


publication date : 12-07-2019

Volunteering for integration in Zurich

How can migrant volunteers help you roller-skate through Zurich by night, see fireworks over the lake or enjoy some stargazing with your children at the local observatory?


publication date : 05-07-2019

Highlight from the working group meeting 'migration&integration', Antwerp, 13-14 June 2019

EUROCITIES Working Group on Migration and Integration met in Antwerp on 13-14 June, back to back with the UIA workshop on 'the role of cities in the integration of migrants and refugees'.


publication date : 20-06-2019

Call for website development services - Employment and Social Innovation programme

EUROCITIES is looking for companies to develop the website of the ‘Inclusive Cities for All’ initiative', as part of the EUROCITIES work programme for social inclusion financed under the EU Programme for EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) 2018-2021.


publication date : 12-06-2019

Call for external evaluator - Employment and Social Innovation programme

EUROCITIES is looking for an external evaluator to assess the impact of our mutual learning activities under the Employment and Social Inclusion (EaSI) operating grant 2019. If you have an interest in social exclusion issues and experience in impact assessment, we hope to hear from you by 13 June.


publication date : 22-05-2019

Call for hosting Integrating Cities conference IX out now

EUROCITIES is looking for candidate cities to host the 9th edition of the Integrating Cities Conference, expected to take place in the autumn 2020.


publication date : 14-05-2019

EUROCITIES contribution to post-2020 EU Roma Framework

EUROCITIES formulated a contribution from cities to influence the upcoming proposal of the European Commission for the future strategic framework for Roma inclusion post 2020.


publication date : 08-05-2019

Save the date for our autumn Social Affairs Forum in Warsaw

Our Social Affairs Forum will meet in Warsaw on 22-24 October to discuss how to ensure social inclusion and well-being for all ages in view of building inclusive cities for all people.


publication date : 08-05-2019

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Our ‘Inclusive Cities for All’ initiative continues – Join NOW with your city pledge!

This February, EUROCITIES launched a new initiative 'Inclusive cities for all: Social rights in my city' and we announced the first 21 city pledges at a high-level political event at the European Parliament. The pledges bring a total investment of over €4.32 billion from cities over the next 5 years to fight poverty and social exclusion by delivering the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights at local level.


publication date : 07-05-2019