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EU Pillar of Social Rights turns 1 year and cities prove commitment by actions

One year has passed since the EU Social Summit on 17 November 2017 in Gothenburg when the European Pillar of Social Rights was officially adopted. What has been done so far and what key actions are still required?


publication date: 16-11-2018

New Eurofound report sheds light on social cohesion and well-being in Europe

In recent years, the EU has put increasing emphasis on the promotion of social cohesion as a central element for the improvement of quality of life for its citizens. With initiatives such as the Europe 2020 strategy, the social investment package and the European Pillar of Social Rights, the goal to promote fairer and more inclusive societies has taken centre stage. But is this EU goal hitting a home-run with EU citizens, or is the reality closer to a strike out?


publication date: 14-11-2018

Stuttgart's way of integrating migrants and refugees

At the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum in Stuttgart on 23-24 October 2018, Stuttgart presented its model for integrating refugees. The focus is on a holistic approach based on integration of services made accessible and available to refugees while catering for their individual needs for integration in the city.


publication date: 31-10-2018

Cities at the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum in Stuttgart issue recommendations for a more socially sustainable Europe

The EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum met in Stuttgart on 23-24 October 2018 to focus on the theme of 'Together for Socially Sustainable Cities: Anchoring the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve Social Rights for All'.


publication date: 26-10-2018

Five ways to a more social Europe

City politicians and experts from over 50 major European cities have called on the EU to strengthen commitments for a more social Europe.


publication date: 24-10-2018

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EUROCITIES Statement on ESF+

The European Social Fund (ESF) is a major source of funding for cities. It supports city measures for social inclusion, labour market integration, vocational training and skills development.


publication date: 18-10-2018

Handbook for Critical Friend Review

The EUROCITIES Working Group on Social Inclusion through Education has been using the critical friend review methodology to guide its study visits and peer reviews for several years. Based on the experience gained over the years, the working group has developed a handbook for the critical friend review.


publication date: 09-10-2018


start date: 05-11-2018
end date: 08-11-2018

Making social rights a reality: the commitment of cities to deliver on European Pillar for Social Rights

Despite the European Union’s economic growth, EU is facing raising social challenges. Beside the income inequalities, new forms of inequalities are emerging as a result of technological change and ageing society. The European Pillar for Social Rights (EPSR), which was the result of the call for action made by the European Parliament, aims at better fulfilling and implementing the social rights of Europeans. EUROCITIES is launching the online campaign ‘Inclusive cities for all: Social...


publication date: 02-10-2018

Highlights from the study visit on Roma inclusion to Leeds

On 24-25 September, the working group Roma inclusion met in Leeds to learn about the city’s strategic approach to Roma inclusion and migrant integration.


publication date: 28-09-2018